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Troubleshooting Problems With Your Pond Pump

by Sheila Vasquez

Your pond pump is arguably the most important part of your aquascape. Without a functional pump, you will no longer enjoy the relaxing sound of water rushing and the fish that call your pond home will no longer be able to enjoy fresh, oxygenated water. While it is quite common for these pumps to require replacement after several years, is quite uncommon for a relatively new pump to experience problems.

Thankfully, many of the problems that you may experience with a relatively new pump can be eliminated through a minimal amount of troubleshooting:

Check Water Level

One of the most common reasons that people experience problems with their pond pumps is that the pump is not getting enough water to function properly. If it has been a few weeks since you last added water to your pond, there is a good chance that evaporation has resulted in your skimmer running dry.

While it may seem as though your pump is not working, the truth is that your pump may actually be running, yet unable to properly circulate the water. In order to repair this problem, simply add water to your pond until the water level is fills your skimmer slightly above the halfway mark.

Water Cannot Flow Properly

Large rocks and driftwood are common place inside a well planned aquascape. While these features ensure your fish are able to enjoy a natural habitat, they may also wreak havoc with your filtration system if they shift from their original placement. This is because large objects or debris can easily block the flow of water into your skimmer and will therefore prevent the pump from circulating this water throughout your pond.

If you can hear the hum of your pump running, but the pump is failing to circulate any water, take the time to check all areas of the filtration system for blockages. If a blockage if found, removing the debris will restore proper function to your pump.

Pump Is Not Expelling Any Water

If your water level is fine and there are no blockages in your skimmer, the problem may be that your pump has become vapor locked. This happens when an air bubble becomes stuck inside your pond pump and your pump is unable to expel it. In this situation, your pump may be running, but is not expelling any water. While this problem may sound complex, it is often one of the easiest problems to repair. This is because all you need to do to repair a vapor locked pump is to tilt the pump so that the air can escape.

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