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Quick Ways To Get Your Home To A Comfortable Temperature When The Heater Goes Out

by Sheila Vasquez

If your heater goes out on you when it's very cold outside, you want to quickly get your home heated up until you can get the heater running again. You may not be immediately prepared to replace weather stripping or do other weatherization home repairs, but there are many ways you can help keep your home warmed up. Learn some quick and simple tips below for keeping your house warm.

Insulate the best you can

The very first thing you want to do is trap all the warm air you can in your home when the heater goes out. Close up any doggy doors or other holes or spaces where the heat can escape. Put rolled up towels under any drafty doors and in any drafty window sills. Close your blinds to keep the cold air from penetrating easily through the window.

You also want to cover up hard flooring with rugs or thick blankets. This will help to keep heat in the room and stop the cold floor from putting out more coldness into the area.

Work on keeping a small area heated up

It's going to be a lot easier to keep a smaller area warm than a larger one. You want to close off all the other rooms you can and choose one room for you and your family to spend the most time in. Set up the room so it's comfortable for the family and bring your pets in as well. The more body heat you generate, the warmer the room will become.

Use any heating sources you have available to you. These can include lighting up your fireplace, your oven, high wattage light bulbs, emergency can heaters, space heaters, electric blankets, etc. The more sources you use at the same time, the better.

You'll also find you'll feel warmer if you hang out away from the windows when it's very cold outside. Try sitting in the middle of the room, or against a full wall. If you have a ceiling fan, you want to set it to spin clockwise, so it blows downward, pushing the heat near the ceiling down into the room.

Once you follow the tips detailed above, you'll find it much easier to stay warm and comfortable in your home until you are able to get someone from a company like Virginia Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning to come out to take a look at your heater and get it up and running again.