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How To Take Care Of Your Trees During The Winter

by Sheila Vasquez

Are you concerned that your trees may not last the winter? Some winters become unexpectedly harsh or seem to linger forever, and though most trees will do just fine, some trees can be more fragile. Here are a few tips if you're concerned about the trees around your home.

Wrap Young Or Sensitive Trees in Blankets

There are specific blankets designed to be used for young or particularly sensitive trees, such as exotic trees meant for warmer locales. These blankets wrap around the base and the trunk of the tree to protect it from the elements. Trees do not produce heat so the blankets will not warm them but they will reduce wind chill and prevent the worst of the frost.

Cut Any Damaged Branches Immediately

It's always better to cut a damaged branch before it breaks; when it breaks, it could cause additional damage to the tree in addition to being very dangerous both to passersby and property. Branches may be damaged during storms but that is not the only time they can be damaged--your tree's branches may also begin to crack and break under the accumulated weight of the snow.

Lay Mulch at the Base of the Tree

Prior to the frost, you should add an additional layer of moist mulch to the base of your tree, especially any younger trees that have just been planted. During the cold winter months, trees often have difficulty obtaining as much moisture as they actually need. The mulch will trap moisture in at the base of the tree where it is needed and will also contribute to warming.

Take Action to Deter Pests

There are many pests that make their home living in trees, such as squirrels. Even those who do not live in trees may scavenge the trees for supplies for their den. Either way, they can cause serious health issues in your home's trees. You may want to call a pest control company and inquire about humane pest control methods if you notice any rodents scampering about.

Spray and Water Your Tree

When the temperature is above freezing, take the time to spray down and water your tree. Though a tree will be dormant during the winter that does not mean it cannot become damaged. (However, you do not want to do this when it is below freezing because the ice itself could cause further damage.)

With the above tips, you and your trees should be able to weather the colder months just fine. As the spring thaw comes, you can look forward to bright green leaves reemerging and healthy new branches forming. Contact a company like Mead Tree & Turf Care Inc for more information.