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3 Ways To Avoid Scratching Your Car During Detailing

by Sheila Vasquez

Keeping your car looking clean is probably a priority for you. While you might think that investing the time and energy required to detail your vehicle is harmless, think again. Many cars sustain scratches to their exterior during the detailing process.

In order to keep your car looking pristine, here are 3 things you should avoid the next time you choose to detail your car.

1. Abrasive Towels

The materials you use to wash down your vehicle could actually be the cause of unsightly scratches. While a towel might feel soft to the touch, it could contain microscopic abrasive areas that will mar the delicate paint of your vehicle.

If you really want to avoid scratching your car during the detailing process, be sure that you test each of your towels prior to use. This can be done using a new CD. Simply rub the towel along the back side of the disc, and check for scratches. If a towel scratches the CD, it will likely scratch your vehicle and should be avoided.

2. Towels With Outer Edges

While the body of a particular towel might be suitable for use when it comes to detailing your car, it is important that you remember to avoid allowing the outer edge of your towel to come into contact with your car's paint. Most towel edges are constructed from 100% polyester, a material that could scratch your car.

If you can't access a towel with an edgeless design, fold the outer edges into the center of the towel and hold them firmly in your hand while you detail. This prevents stray scratches from occurring.

3. Dirty Towels

Using fresh, clean towels every time you detail your car is imperative. Towels have a tendency to collect dirt particles, which can become abrasive when rubbed against the surface of your car. Even if the towel appears to be clean, only a freshly laundered towel will be totally free from any harmful particles.

If you want to be sure that you are avoiding the possibility of a scratch caused by dirt particles in your towels, you might want to consider investing in disposable towels. Since these towels are not made to be reused, they pose no threat of pre-existing particles leading to unsightly scratches.

Keeping your vehicle buffed and polished is the best way to maintain value and turn heads as you travel down the highway. Taking the time to ensure that you are using the right towels will help you avoid doing unnecessary damage as you detail your vehicle in the future.

You may want to rely on a professional like Deluxe Detail & Window Tint to take care of detailing your car for you, so you can be sure you're getting the best results possible.