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Follow These Tips To Feel Safe In Your Home

by Sheila Vasquez

You want to protect your family in any way you can. You likely know you can do this by using a security system, keeping everything locked up, etc. Below are some tips of things you may not have considered to keep out the bad guy, as well as change things inside the home to stay safe.

Protect From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly, and because it has no smell, it is hard to detect if you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm system.  Make sure you take measures to keep carbon monoxide out of your home.

You should first make sure your gas furnace is running properly. To do this, contact a professional, such as Now Heating & Air, to give it a checkup. Check your filter regularly, and clean or change it out if it is dirty. You can also install a furnace that will make a warning signal if it detects carbon monoxide.  Talk with the contractor about this when they come to your home to inspect the furnace.

You may want to consider getting your furnace replaced if it is old to ensure it does not cause problems.

You also need to check your chimney, vents, and appliances for any corrosion, stains, rust, or soot. Hire a technician to check these things once per year. If you use a fireplace, make sure the flue is open while you are using it.

Learn How to Pick Your Lock

You and your family should learn how to pick your lock, just in case any of you are locked out of the house due to forgetting your keys.  How you pick your lock depends on the type of locks you have. There are lock picking kits you can purchase. You can also contact a locksmith who will likely help you learn how to do this. Of course, if you have an alarm system activated, you will not be able to do this without setting it off.

Do Not Announce You Are Leaving

Never announce to people online, such as in a chat room, on a social network site, etc., that you are leaving, as well as the dates you will not be home. You never know who is reading your posts, and they may come and try to burglarize your home while you are gone.

Move Heavy Items

Do not leave any heavy items outside your home, such as patio furniture. A burglar could use these to break a window.

You can deter a burglar from getting into your home by planting thorny bushes in front of every window. You should also place alarm company decals on a few windows, as well as a sign somewhere outside your home.