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Repairing A Broken Wood Garage Door

by Sheila Vasquez

If you have accidentally hit your garage door with your vehicle, leaving a cracked area or small hole, you will want to have it repaired. Repairing a wood garage door is fairly easy and something you should be able to do yourself with the aid of a few hardware items. Here are some instructions you can use to repair a wood garage door yourself.

Assessing The Situation

Take a look at the compromised area and see how deep the hole seems to be. If it is cracked through to the other side of the door, you may need to hire a contractor, like those at Lake County Door Co, to come take a look at it for you, as it can become more damaged after retaining moisture. If the crack or hole is shallow, however, it will be a simple repair that you can do yourself.

Materials You Will Need

  • Bucket of soapy water
  • Sponge
  • Clean cloth
  • Epoxy wood putty
  • Sandpaper
  • Sander
  • Paint

Clean The Door

Use a sponge dipped inside soapy water to clean the area where you will be working. Take a look inside a smaller hole to see if there are any splinters or shards of wood that should be picked out by hand. These should be removed so that you will be able to fill in the area without obstructions. After you have cleaned the crack or hole area, use a dry piece of cloth to sop up any remaining moisture and allow to sit for an hour before starting the repair.

Repairing The Damage

Open the package of epoxy putty and rip off a piece that looks like it will fill in the affected area. Knead the putty between your thumb and forefinger until it is pliable enough to be stretched and molded to fit the area that is broken. Place the putty as deep into a crevice as you can and smooth it into place so that it fills in the break. Allow it to dry according to the package directions.

Finishing Touches

When the putty has hardened, use a sander to smooth the surface where it has been applied. Start with a piece of medium-grit sandpaper and then finish with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper to make the entire area appear as if it has not needed repair. When the area looks uniform, you will be able to put a new coat of paint on your door. Allow the paint to dry before opening the door.