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3 Crafts You Can Make With Your Leftover Laminate Flooring

by Sheila Vasquez

It is nearly impossible to purchase exactly the amount of laminate flooring you need when upgrading your home. Inevitably, you will have leftover planks that usually end up sitting in the garage for years. By taking the time to think creatively, these planks can be given a new lease on life inside your home.

Here are three crafts you can make using those leftover laminate flooring pieces.

1. Coat Rack

Having someplace to hang your jackets as you enter the home can be beneficial in helping you keep your living space tidy. Laminate flooring planks provide the perfect base for a hanging coat rack. All you need to complete this oh-so-simple craft is a piece of laminate flooring cut to the length you desire, and some decorative knobs.

Use a measuring tape to mark where you will place your knobs to ensure they are spaced evenly along the laminate plank. Then, drill a hole large enough to accommodate the screws affixed to your knobs. Finally, attach a set of wall mounts to the back of the laminate plank, and hang your new coat rack in a convenient location.

2. Trivets

If you are looking for a unique way to protect your dining table from sustaining damage when hot dishes are placed on it, then those leftover laminate planks could provide a solution. The durable external resin coating that makes laminate a good choice for your flooring needs also lends itself well to withstanding the pressure of repeated use as a trivet.

To begin realizing the benefits laminate trivets can provide, simply cut down your extra planks into sections small enough to place your serving dishes on. Affix some felt or rubber shelf lining material to the bottom of your trivets to prevent them from sliding along the surface of your table. You can even customize your trivets by using a jigsaw to cut the laminate sections into a variety of shapes.

3. Picture Frames

Looking for a cheap way to display your family photos? Leftover laminate flooring planks can make interesting picture frames. Since most laminate flooring pieces have a rich color and texture, your leftover planks make excellent frames for your photos. 

To begin putting this craft together, you will need a portrait, some white glue, and an acrylic sealer. Measure out and cut a length of laminate that will accommodate your photograph. You can interlock a few planks together if you need a wider frame.

Paint the white glue onto the center of your newly-cut plank, and smooth your photograph onto the glued area. Let the glue dry overnight, then spray the surface with the acrylic sealer to create a waterproof finish.

Finding unique uses for leftover laminate flooring isn't difficult if you take the time to think outside the box. Don't be afraid to put your excess laminate to good use in the future.