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Common Questions New Homeowners Have About Masonry Work

by Sheila Vasquez

Masonry is a highly durable material that is found in a variety of structures, but despite its prevalence, there are many people that do not know much about this building material. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge can cause these individuals to not get the most from their home's masonry, and this can lead to an unsightly exterior and higher repair costs. Fortunately, knowing the answers to a couple of basic questions may help you find it easier to make sound and practical decisions when it comes to this part of your home. 

Do All Of The Bricks need To Be Removed To Repair Damaged Mortar?

The mortar is the material that hold the bricks into place, and while it can last many years without needing any type of work, it can eventually start to crack and disintegrate. Some homeowners are under the impression that this will require relaying all of the brick in the damaged area, and as a result, they may delay making this repair. Sadly, this mistake can allow the problem to worsen until it causes structural problems for the home, but it is not necessary to replace all of the brick because tuck pointing is an effective solution for repairing damaged mortar. 

When you hire a contractor to tuck point your masonry, they will gently remove any damaged mortar from between the bricks, and they will use special tools to inject fresh mortar into its place. This approach to repairing mortar can be an excellent solution for homeowners that have noticed the first indications of cracking mortar. 

Can You Change The Color Of The Masonry?

There are many people that may not like the color of their bricks, and this can cause them to hate the appearance of their homes. Yet, many of these people are unaware of the fact that it is possible to change the color of masonry, and this is actually a rather simple process. 

When you change the color of masonry, contractors will apply a coating of a special stain to the brick. This stain will soak deep into the brick, and it will cause its color to change to whatever the desired shade was. While this may seem unnecessary, it may be the only way to give your home the appearance you have always wanted, and it can usually be completed in a relatively short amount of time. 

Masonry damage can ruin the appearance of your home, and it can lead to structural defects. Despite this importance, there are many people that lack a basic understanding of this part of the home, but knowing these two basic questions and answers will help you be better able to make the best choice for your home's needs. Talk to experts like Mara Restoration, Inc. for more information.