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Dealing With A Damaged Asphalt Driveway? Fix It Instead Of Replacing It With Concrete

by Sheila Vasquez

If you're considering replacing your damaged and stained asphalt driveway with poured concrete, but you don't want to spend a lot of money, repair the current asphalt instead. There are many advantages to repairing the asphalt, instead of replacing the driveway completely and pouring concrete.

Asphalt is great for a driveway because it's quiet, it expands in the heat and constricts in the cold to prevent damages, and it's hard to notice stains from automobiles or oil or gas from other tools.

You can get an estimate for both materials if you aren't sold on asphalt. Here are a few things to talk with the asphalt contractor about when you get an estimate, and you should seriously consider the following benefits:

Coat Instead of Reconstruct

The asphalt pavers are going to fill in the cracks or pot holes, and then add a new top layer to the driveway. They go right over the existing asphalt and current driveway. This is going to create a smooth and sleek stain-free driveway, without having to dig anything out the old driveway like you have to if you wanted concrete.

Get Fast Results

You could be pulling cars in the driveway just hours after the new asphalt is put down, so you don't have to deal with a lot of inconvenience. After the asphalt removal the ground would have to be prepped, the concrete mixed and then poured, and then smoothed. Then it has to sit and may not be usable for days.

Save a Lot of Money

The asphalt is going to be more affordable than concrete. There is less manpower involved to put it down, and the asphalt is often consumed from recycled materials. This is going to help you improve your curb appeal and add value to the property without spending a lot of money.

The asphalt driveway will require maintenance over time, it will need to be sealed every few years to keep it looking clean and freshly poured. This is more expensive than repairing damages to a concrete driveway though, because the concrete would need to be poured over again. There are many companies that come to your home to give you a quote for the different materials so you can see what it's going to cost to get the driveway you want. Use the multiple quotes to compare prices, and to negotiate the lowest price for the job.

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