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Reasons To Upgrade Your Cabin To Propane Heating

by Sheila Vasquez

Do you own a rustic farmhouse or forest cabin? Do you plan on using it as a winter holiday vacation spot or perhaps even moving in on a permanent basis? Keeping warm when it's below freezing outside can be challenging, especially while away from civilization. Here are some reasons to upgrade from wood to also using propane heating:

Saves space: As you're no doubt already aware, wood can take up a significant amount of room. As neatly as you might stack it, you're still left with what amounts to a wall of wood. If you're the type of person who likes to prepare for anything, you may find that your wood supply takes up a lot of the area around your cabin. You may even be forced to stack it so that it partially obscures your beautiful views. In contrast, the tank for propane heating takes up almost no room. If you're fond of occasional weekend trips, you may only need to pack a tiny, barbecue-grill sized propane tank for your heating and cooking needs.

Automatic: A wood-burning heating system needs to be stoked and reloaded at least daily if you don't want the fire to go out. If you decide to spend more than a few hours away, with friends or family, you may return to discover that your home is icy cold. Once you get the fire lit once again, it could take several hours before it warms up enough to be comfortable. If you accidentally add a few too many pieces of wood, your home could end up hotter than you like, forcing you to open a door or window to cool off again. With propane heating, you can set the thermostat for whatever temperature that you'd like. If you're going out for the day, you can set the thermostat to be cool but not freezing. When you return, your home will be exactly the right temperature.

Less work: Cutting, stacking and moving firewood around can be exhausting. If you find yourself with a winter cold, you may be reluctant to expend the energy needed to bring firewood in from outside. In comparison, a propane heater requires relatively little work. Instead of going out into the freezing cold every so often to bring in more wood to make it warmer, all you will need to do is stay inside and adjust the heater's settings. Not only will this make life easier if you're sick, it will give you more free time to enjoy other activities that you'd rather be doing instead. 

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