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Four Ways To Give Your Vinyl Siding Installation A Custom Appearance

by Sheila Vasquez

Vinyl can be an affordable choice for the siding on your home. It can also be somewhat plain if you use lap-styles. With newer products, you can combine the designs and features of your siding to give it a custom look. This can be done by adding trim and woodwork and by using various colors and styles for your new siding installation. If you want to have new siding with a custom look, here are some ideas to do it with vinyl.

1. Installing Composite Trim For Corners And Friezes

Composite trim can be used to highlight lines in the design of your home. It can be used in areas like corners or to separate rooflines. With conventional vinyl installation, J-shaped pieces are used for this. They may still be used, but together with the trim, to highlight the details of your home. Use wide friezes to separate styles and colors, which will also help to add distinct lines to your home.

2. Using Woodwork To Add Details To Plain Windows

Often, windows in homes are also made of vinyl materials. The disadvantage of these windows is that they may have few or no casing details. If your home has vinyl windows with very little casing detail, you can have wood trim wrapped around the windows and the vinyl installed against the trim.

3. Varying Siding Styles To Create A Custom Finish Look

Today, various types of siding styles are available in vinyl materials. These materials can be used to imitate the look of materials like wood. If you want to make your vinyl siding look more custom, vary the different styles. For example, you can use different styles or even colors to separate the roofline from walls and other design features.

4. Adding Brackets And Woodworking Details To Vinyl Siding

Brackets can be a great way to add custom details to vinyl siding. These woodworking details can add an attractive custom look to your home. They can be added to areas like gables, porches and even be exposed rafters on the eaves of your home. These decorative features can be made of wood or other synthetic materials such as vinyl or foam moldings.

These are some ideas that can help you give your home a custom look with vinyl siding. If you are ready to renovate the look of your home's exterior, contact a vinyl siding contractor such as Overcash Siding LLC to get the help you need giving your home a new look.