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3 Tips To Save Money When Hiring A Residential Electrician To Make Repairs

by Sheila Vasquez

You might not have hired an electrician since your home was built or since it was inspected, and you could be worried about how much hiring one will cost. However, you might know that there are some things that should only be done by one of these professionals, such as having new wiring installed or dealing with an existing electrical issue.

Obviously, calling around and working with an affordable electrician will help you save money when hiring one of these pros. However, there are a few more money-saving tips that you can try that you might not have thought about.

1. Discuss the Problem Thoroughly on the Phone

First of all, you should discuss the problem at hand as thoroughly as possible with your electrician on the phone. Then, he or she can bring along the appropriate supplies and materials to handle the job, which can reduce billable hours and mileage fees from your electrician having to pick up these things. Your electrician will also have a better idea of how long the project will take and can schedule accordingly, which can save you from paying for multiple days' worth of work.

2. Have Multiple Jobs Done at Once

You might want to tackle one project at a time, but it's typically more affordable overall if you can have all of your electrical work done at once. If you give him or her a lot of work, your electrician might lower his or her rates for performing work in your home. Plus, you may be able to split materials between projects, such as paying for larger amounts of wire at once and getting it at a bulk price. Plus, you won't have to pay multiple service call fees.

3. Ask to Have the Service Call Rate Waived

Most electricians have set hourly rates and will charge a set amount for materials in order to recoup costs. However, some will be willing to waive the service call fee if you are having a sufficient amount of work done. This is especially true if you are having the work done during normal business hours rather than on a weekend or during the holiday season. It can't hurt to ask if the service call fee will be waived if you hire the electrician to do the job.

As you can see, there are ways to cut costs when hiring a residential electrician to do work within your home. Try these three tips to reduce what you have to pay while still having your work done by a trustworthy professional. Visit Narducci Electric if you're looking for an electrician.