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Why Is Crane Operated Tree Removal A Safe And Smart Method Cut Down Old Trees?

by Sheila Vasquez

Whether you're a business owner who operates a tree removal company or a homeowner who needs a tree removed, it's important to understand the benefits of crane-operated tree removal. 

Understanding the Process

Before you can understand the real benefits of crane operated tree removal, you must first understand the process. Crane operated tree removal is performed by airlifting a trained tree removal professional into the air by crane. The professional is lifted onto a point high up in the tree where he or she then attaches to the tree itself. Piece by piece, the tree removal professional cuts down small pieces of the tree and attaches those pieces to the crane.

The crane airlifts pieces from the tree to a nearby truck for removal. This keeps going until the tree removal professional has completely cut down the tree and the crane has take away all parts of the tree.

Crane Operated Tree Removal Does Virtually No Damage to the Property

One of the major advantages of crane operated tree removal is that cranes are large enough and tall enough to reach over houses and yards in order to reach a tree. A person skilled at crane operating can easily lift pieces away without hitting any other structures on the property. In fact, it's almost possible for the entire tree to be removed without anyone setting foot on the ground around the tree.

This means that in many cases there's no need for large trucks or heavy vehicles to be driven onto the wet earth. This prevents tracks from forming on the property and can prevent major damage to the landscape.

Cranes Can Help Remove Trees Close to Houses

Trees that are close to houses can present a particular difficulty for tree removal services that don't have a crane. because parts of a tree that fall close to the house can do great damage to the structure. Cranes can easily remove a tree near a house without ever driving close to the tree or the house and without ever coming into close contact with the house.

Cranes can Easily Access Trees in Hard-to-Reach Places

Trees that are located on hillsides, on the other side of creeks and down in ravines can all be difficult for tree removal crews to gain access to. For a crane, this kind of access is relatively easy to achieve.

For more information about how a crane can help with tree removal, contact a reputable crane operation company like Cook Crane Corp.