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Top Reasons To Consider Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen Remodel

by Sheila Vasquez

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? If so and you are aiming for a high-end appearance, you should consider quartz as a material for your countertops. Manufactured quartz is reportedly the leading countertop material in the nation preceding popular stone options such as marble and granite. The following are some of the key features that make quartz ideal for kitchen countertops.

Visual Appeal

If you like the appearance of natural stone, you will appreciate that you can get quartz countertops that mimic the appearance of pure natural stone. Customized looks can be created per customer request in most cases. For example, you may prefer dark colored countertops instead of a speckled light-colored granite appearance, or you may prefer a marble appearance instead of a granite appearance. Your contractor could place a special order for quartz that has had dye added to it to accommodate a dark color request, and swirls and dye could be added to achieve a requested marble appearance.


Countertops are often a location where germs can linger. Quartz is a nonporous countertop material, which means that it may inhibit bacteria growth because bacteria cannot absorb into the material.

Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured quartz is made from stone waste. By opting for quartz, you are helping to conserve natural rock resources and reducing your carbon footprint. Property owners who insist upon purchasing natural rock materials increase their carbon footprints. This is due to the mining processes involved.


Quartz is resistant to normal wear and tear that other building materials cannot withstand. For example, if you opt for wood or composite wood countertops, chipping may occur as the countertops age. Quartz is resistant to chipping, stains, and corrosion. It is also not affected by moisture and acidic foods. This makes it ideal for kitchen areas where water and acidic foods are often abundant. If you were originally considering natural stone such as marble or granite due to their durability, take pride in knowing that quartz is just as strong as these materials.

A kitchen and bathroom showroom is a good resource to use to get remodeling ideas. Visiting a showroom may also allow you to view and touch quartz countertops, which will be the best way to determine if you want to get the material installed. If you are concerned about whether or not quartz will truly mimic the appearance of your favorite stone, request to see side-by-side samples of the pure stone of your choice and its quartz alternative. You will likely be amazed at how much they look alike. For more information, visit a showroom like Fixture Shop.