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Tips For Transforming Your Pool Into A Tropical Getaway

by Sheila Vasquez

Have you ever been on a luxurious tropical vacation and thought that was the kind of life for you? If you're considering adding or updating a swimming pool, such a tropical getaway can be as close as your backyard. Create your dream pool by getting the tropical details in place.

Start with a Free-Form Pool

Your tropical getaway should resemble a natural pool. For that reason, start with a freeform pool that mimics water features found in nature. Any curvilinear shape is possible. If you're not sure how to shape your pool, start with a basic kidney and add design elements for landscaping, a swim-up bar, a waterfall or some other feature.

Add a Waterfall

Speaking of waterfalls, such a water feature adds a relaxation factor to your tropical pool. Decide where to place a raised area from which water can flow. Talk to your contractors about what kind of sound you want the water to make, from the patter of rain to a definite splash. Again, the actual installation should channel a waterfall found in nature, so have it constructed of stone and surround it with plants.

Plant Tropical Landscaping

Most plants that complement swimming pools are water-loving anyway, so that helps in the selection. Pool plants need to be clean so they don't drop seed heads or leaves in the water. For a tropical pool, you also want luxuriant plants. The following plants meet both requirements:

  • Queen palm: Good for shade
  • Papyrus: Great backdrop plants
  • Bird of paradise: Excellent color plants
  • Hibiscus: Colorful addition
  • Golden euonymus: Bright border plant

In addition to around your waterfall, plan to place at least a couple planters near the pool's edge – this is where those inlets come in handy. When planning the design, avoid symmetrical plantings. Cluster the plants in random groupings to make the landscaping look natural.

Consider a Special Feature

If your goal is to recreate the feel of a tropical resort, consider adding a specialty feature such as a swim-up bar, cabana or outdoor shower. Think about what made your resort stay luxurious, and plan to add that feature. Obviously a cabana provides shade and even a place to change. As the Landscaping Network points out, a swim-up bar is useful for dispensing snacks and drinks to the family or during parties. An outdoor shower allows you and your guests to rinse off the pool water to quickly get back to the poolside fun. Indeed, if space and budget allows, why not add all three?

Save money on vacationing by transforming your pool into a tropical retreat. For more information, contact a company like Reliant Pools.