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Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

by Sheila Vasquez

Your garage door is an incredibly important aspect of your home and needs to be properly serviced a few times a year. Garage door maintenance is something that you can do yourself and won't take you much time. If you remember to continually service your garage door then you could save yourself a lot of money in the long term with repair jobs. Here are some basic tips to help you extend the life of your garage door to its maximum term.


A simple cleaning of your garage door can preserve it more than you think, especially if your door is made of wood. For regular composite garage doors, you can easily add some water and soap into a bucket and clean it using a regular soft sponge. Simply rinse it with water and you're done. You'll only need to do this once or twice a year. For wooden garage doors, it's more important that you stay on top of it and monitor its wear and tear. If you notice that the wood is becoming weather worn then you might need to repaint it and give it a fresh stain to hold up against rain, wind or snow. 


Maintaining your garage door's safety is one of the most important aspects of owning a home. This includes looking after things like torsion springs, joints and other components that let the door operate normally. If you do notice that one of your springs is broken or damaged then it is very important that you get it fixed immediately by a trained technician as the springs are under high tension and could cause an injury if you try to fix it yourself. You should also test the balance of your door by disconnecting the garage door opener and manually lifting it half way. If the door stays put then it is perfectly balanced and no maintenance will be required, however, if the door falls or rises then you'll need to have a trained technician rebalance it for you.  

For maintenance on the joints you can use a lubricating spray to make sure that the door is opening and closing smoothly. Additionally, you can use a basic ratchet wrench to service other components of the garage door and make sure all the bolts are screwed in firmly. Like cleaning, this kind of service only needs to be done once or twice a year and will ensure that your garage door is well taken care of.

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