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What Are Some Common Sewer Line Problems?

by Sheila Vasquez

If you are experiencing a major clog inside your home that a snake won't fix, or the sewage is backing up through your indoor drains, it is likely the result of a main sewer line problem. Here are some common sewer line problems that might occur. Remember with main sewer problems, a professional rooting service is required. You should not attempt these repairs yourself.

There is a Blockage

This is one of the most common causes of a sewer line issue, particularly when you have blockages inside your home. Typically what happens is that you first notice that a sink or shower drain begins to drain slowly. No matter how much you try, clearing the drain inside your home won't be effective, whether using a snake or cleaning out the trap underneath the sink. You may even have sewage coming back up the drains, causing a bad odor and unhealthy effects. This is likely due to a more severe blockage in the main sewer line, from a combination of objects, hair, and grease. A professional will need to access the main line and use a camera to find the blockage before removing it.

Tree Roots Have Damaged the Lines

While there are many different causes of damage to sewer lines, tree roots tend to be among the most common sources. The main sewer lines go under the ground on your property, so it is natural that if tree roots get out of hand, they can grow toward the sewer line and cause cracks. If this happens, not only will there be a blockage due to the roots getting into the line, but the cracking can keep getting worse, requiring major sewer line repairs or replacements.

The Sewer Lines Are Collapsing

Another result of damage to the main sewer lines is when they start to collapse. This can occur due to cracking from various sources or due to age. Older sewer pipes won't last forever and eventually need to be replaced. If you know the pipes underneath your home are older, it might simply be time to have them replaced. This is another issue that only a professional rooting service would be able to diagnose by eliminating other possible issues. You would then need an experienced plumber to replace the damaged lines.

The Seals Are Broken

In between the different mains sewer pipes, there are seals that hold them together. Over time, or due to damage, these seals might get broken. If this happens, excess water will get gather around the pipe, causing sewer back-up issues.

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