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Keep Out! 3 Ways To Keep The Public Out Of Your Construction Site

by Sheila Vasquez

Construction safety is a serious concern for workers, and it needs to be for the public, too. If you're hiring a construction company to work on your building or project, these tips can help prevent you from becoming liable for a construction accident. 

Don't Cross the Line: Using Construction Fencing

One of the first ways to make sure people don't cross into your construction zone without realizing it is to put up temporary construction fencing. This fencing is designed to be see through in many cases, and it's usually brightly colored. You can also opt for a solid design if you don't want anyone looking into the site. 

Temporary fencing may need to be weighted on its legs, because it isn't drilled into the ground. 

Look Out Below! Remember Netting and Roofing

Falling objects are a serious concern for workers and the public alike. Even a light item like a tape measure can collide with someone's head; falling quickly enough, that item could cause a serious head injury. 

Because of the high risk of injury from falling objects, you may want to consider putting up sidewalk sheds, chutes, or safety netting. Sidewalk sheds are build around a walkway, protecting the people inside from anything that falls. Chutes take falling materials to a specific location. Safety netting catches materials that need to be thrown to the ground without putting the people below at risk. 

Look for the Signs: Marking Your Construction Zone

Most important is making sure people know that your construction site is an active construction zone. Make sure you put up signs before and after the site to identify where construction is and is not taking place. If there are electrical hazards, put up a sign to say so. If the ground is going to be slick, identify the area as a hazard. 

You should also mark the entrances and exits for your site, so people know to look for vehicles coming and going. Since your entrances or exits may be new to the design of the location, having this identifying information can help drivers and pedestrians recognize new driveways and avoid getting hit by a vehicle. 

These are just a few tips to help you keep the public safe and out of your construction site. With some preparation, you can keep others at bay and protect yourself from liability in the case of an accident on your site. Contact a fencing company, like Statewide Rent-A-Fence, for more help.