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3 Special Considerations When Choosing Sliding Entry Doors For Your Business

by Sheila Vasquez

Glass sliding doors offer an easy way for customers to access your business while also adding to the visual appeal of your building. Commercial sliding doors come in a wide variety of styles to suit a variety of needs. But there are some special situations, brought about by geography or the nature of your business, where you might want to choose a door that's a bit more specialized than a standard sliding door. 

What are some of the special considerations to keep in mind if you are choosing a commercial sliding door for your business?

Do You Need Hurricane Protection?

Do you live in an area that is threatened by hurricanes or in an area that simply experiences a lot of high winds? You will want to shop for a commercial sliding door that has glass manufactured to withstand hurricane force winds. Trying to cover your normal glass doors with boards at the last minute isn't sufficient protection. Investing in hurricane rated glass can also help better protect the inside of your business as the sliding door can act as an oversized storm window.

Hurricane rated glass is available in many standard door styles. But keep in mind that the door's frame will need to be a bit larger than normal due to the weight of the glass and the need to also keep the frame safe from the hurricane force winds. You won't be able to get a low profile frame, but the protection level makes this a worthy sacrifice.

Do You Need the Option for Privacy?

Do you want the option for privacy after the business closes for the day or during special events during business hours? You can always buy large curtains or blinds that you can manually adjust across the doors. But that causes a problem if people still need to come and go and doesn't always look attractive from the outside. 

Instead, consider installing commercial sliding doors that have blinds built directly into the glass. You can fully open and shut the blinds with the touch of a button and achieve privacy while also maintaining the aesthetic look of your glass sliding doors.

Do You Have a Narrow Entryway but Need to Frequently Move Large Objects?

Glass sliding doors aren't just for the spacious entryways of hospitals or hotels. Sliding doors are convenient entry points on smaller, narrower front doors or as an interior door. If your opening is narrow, and you need to frequently move large equipment and supplies in and out, you might want to consider a sliding door that also swings open so that you can use the full doorway.

This type of setup is frequently seen in hospital care wards but can also serve well in massage parlors, hair salons, and even restaurants.

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