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Transform Your Boring Backyard Pool Into An Exciting, Resort Caliber Escape With These 4 Improvements

by Sheila Vasquez

If you are tired of your backyard pool, and want to enjoy the luxurious type of pools that you see in decorating magazines, then you should consider some pool improvements. Here is a list of some things you can have done to give it more of a luxury, resort style look.

Add A Slide

Slides don't have to be made of cheap plastic. Those won't give you the luxury look you're going for. What you should have installed is a slide made of a synthetic stone material. Another suggestion is to have a poured concrete slide installed.

You can have a large rock grotto built next to the pool and install a staircase so that you, your kids, and your friends can walk up to the top and then slide down into the pool.

Install A Water Fountain

A water fountain is a wonderful way to add visual excitement to the pool area. You can have the fountain installed in the center of the pool, or you can have fountains placed on the perimeter. If they are installed on the perimeter, they will shoot arcing jets of water that land in the pool. If you do choose to have the fountains on the perimeter, you might want to have matching fountains on either side of the pool for visual symmetry.

Neon Colored LED Lighting

A great way to make the pool beautiful at night is to have colorful LED lighting installed. You can illuminate the pool at night, which is great for night swimming but also nice if you are dining outside. You can choose reds, blues, pinks, or greens. You might want to have a color combination that you can control with a remove so that you can control it from inside your home or right from the diner table.

This would work really well if used in tandem with the water fountains. It would create a really beautiful and colorful focal point in your backyard for nighttime cocktail parties or intimate dinners.

Add A Swim Up Bar

If you've been on vacation and have loved the hotel's swim up bar, then you might want to install one in your own pool. This is especially great if you host lots of pool parties.

You will need to have underwater seating installed around the edge of the pool where the bar will be. The exterior portion is where the major work comes in. If your pool is flush with the ground on all sides, then a small area outside the pool needs to be excavated. This will be where the bar area will be built in. If, on the other hand, your pool was designed on a slope, and one edge has an exposed exterior wall, then you can have the bar area installed on that side without too much excavation. Contact a business, such as KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas for more information.