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How To Create A Super Efficient Heating And Cooling System

by Sheila Vasquez

An efficient heating and cooling system can help you save money and also eliminate undue wear and tear on your system. Here are some steps for creating an ultra-efficient heating and cooling system. 

Review the HVAC Designs Carefully

The first step is to make sure that your HVAC plans are solid. Review the plans with an HVAC contractor to be sure that the system's ductwork is balanced. Make sure that the air flow to each area of the home matches the size of the space and the amount that you use it. You may want to redirect air away from areas that you barely use, for instance. 

Have the Right Sized AC and Furnace

When you have an air conditioning system that's not too big or too small, it's perfectly aligned with the needs of your HVAC system. You're not wasting power on pushing too much air through your pipes, and you're not placing a burden on a machine that can't handle the capacity needed for your space. Speak with a heating an cooling contractor to choose an AC unit and furnace that's the right size for your home. 

Look for Sustainable Options

Efficient and sustainable appliances can contribute a lot to the energy savings in your home. For one, make sure that your air conditioner rates well in terms of energy standards; its Energy Star efficiency rating should be listed directly on the side of the box. There are also several highly sustainable heating and cooling options that you can consider adding to your space. Look for a heating contractor who has experience installing solar heating panels, for instance. Geothermal heating and floor heating options are other ways to take advantage of natural power. Many of these systems can be integrated with your regular heating and cooling system, so that you have a fallback in case natural heating sources aren't enough to heat your space. 

Get a Home Energy Audit

Finally, getting a home energy audit can help to keep your heated and cooled air working for you. A home energy audit will evaluate your space's insulation to make sure that air isn't entering or escaping through cracks in your home. Making repairs to your walls' seams may be a necessary part of getting the most out of your HVAC system. 

All of these ideas are central for creating the best heating and cooling system possible. Talk with your air conditioning contractor, like Action Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, for more ideas on how to improve your system's efficiency.