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An Easy Pre-Season Electrical Safety Assessment You Can Do Yourself

by Sheila Vasquez

You likely know that electrical repairs should only be performed by an electrical contractor. However, some people do not realize that there are some things on their property that are in plain sight that could cause electrical problems. The following are a few things that you can note yourself and report to an electrician for servicing. Ensure that you make a list that is comprised of each room in your home.


You should observe your outlets for signs of sparking. You might notice black marks or melted components. Keep in mind that you may have bad outlets that are rarely used, which can make discovering them more difficult since you are not using them. This is why you should check all of your outlets routinely. 

Tree Limbs

It is also a good idea to walk around your property and observe tree limbs that appear to be growing in close vicinity to wires. If there is an issue, it does not mean that the tree will need to be cut down. Trimming the tree or cutting off problematic branches may also be an option.

Broken Housing

You will be entering signs of broken electrical housing for each room. Do not forget to add rarely accessed areas such as a storage closet powered by electricity to your list. You will be jotting down broken or loose outlet covers, cracks near electrical housing, and potential leaks near housing. If you notice an air draft around an outlet or can see behind the wall where it is located, that is an example of a leak. 

Electrical Panel

You either have a circuit breaker box or a fuse box in your home. You need to observe it for signs of electrical damage. You will likely notice signs of scorching if there is an issue. This is something that requires prompt attention from an electrical services contractor because it is indicative of loose or overheating wires, which are both fire risks. It also possible for your electrical panel to appear to be in excellent condition, but it may not be meeting your electrical demands. Signs would be frequently blowing fuses or a circuit that frequently trips. Upgrading the electrical panel is the usual fix for this type of phenomenon.

Routine electrical inspections and maintenance should be performed, but sometimes the issues mentioned can occur between service appointments. This is why it is important to recognize them yourself. Contact a company like Chadwick Electric Inc to learn more.