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7 Tips For Creating A Paver Patio

by Sheila Vasquez

Although patios have been used for family gatherings in the past, they were not exactly seen as a sanctuary. Today's patios are a bit different. With the right design, your patio can be your own little oasis in your backyard. One popular material that is used for building those patios are pavers. If you are planning to use pavers, here are some tips to make sure your patio lives up to your dreams. 

  1. Explore different colors. When you think of pavers, the color gray probably comes to mind. However, pavers are available in a wide range of colors that you can use to not only help your patio stand out, but ensure that it complements your home. 

  2. Choose the right material. Pavers are usually made of concrete, but there are two other materials for you to consider. Natural stone and brick pavers give you more variety and also are available in different textures.  

  3. Mix it up. Instead of choosing just one material or color for your patio, think about mixing it up. For instance, you can create your patio out of concrete pavers and use the natural stone for lining it.  

  4. Create a pattern. When building your patio, simply laying the pavers in straight lines seems like the least time consuming option. Unfortunately, it also creates a boring aesthetic. To up the appearance of your patio, play around with creating patterns with the different pavers used. 

  5. Slope the patio. Although you want a patio that is perfectly even, the reality is that water needs to be able to drain away from the patio and your home's foundation. A slight drop every few feet of your patio will give you the drainage needed and also the appearance of being level. 

  6. Seal the pavers. Regardless of the type of paver you select, you need to take the time to seal it. Sealing helps to protect the surface from fading and helps to retain the color.  

  7. Save extra pavers. Over time, your pavers can become damaged or simply suffer from wear and tear. When this happens, it helps to have extra pavers on hand to replace the worn stones. You can simply pry out the impacted stones and replace it. Be sure to seal the new pavers. 

There are other ways you can spruce up your patio's design. Consider working with a contractor or picking up some tips at your local home improvement store.