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3 Buyers Who Should Look Into New Homes

by Sheila Vasquez

New homes are brand new builds that have never been lived in before. There are plenty of reasons to choose a new home over an existing home. In fact just over half of all home buyers prefer new homes to existing ones. However, newly constructed homes come at a cost. New homes for sale can go for up to 20 percent more than a similar home that has already been built. These homes are not for every buyer. However, they are the best choice for others. Here are three types of home buyers who should look into purchasing a new home.

Buyers That Crave Energy Efficiency

One issue with many older homes is that they lack energy efficiency. In the past energy was cheaper and there wasn't as big of a need to make a home energy efficient. With rising energy costs and an increasing emphasis on keeping things green, energy efficient homes are more in demand than ever. New homes can offer options such as spray foam insulation, solar panels, energy efficient appliances, and other features that can cut energy usage and costs. Building an energy efficient home can cost about 3 to 5 percent more than building a typical new home. However, these costs are often recouped in the form of energy savings. 

Buyers That Want Full Customization

A home that is fully customized to the homeowner's needs is a dream for many. However, it's something that is extremely difficult to achieve with an existing home even after extensive renovation. For a fully customized home, building a new home is likely going to be the best choice. Custom home builders will be required for buyers who want full control of the layout and finishes in their home. A residential architect will also be needed since a custom floor plan will be required. This can increase construction costs by anywhere from 5 to 15 percent

Buyers Who Want The Newest Technology

Home technology has come a long way in the past few decades. Things such as alarm systems, smart thermostats, internet wiring, speakers, and other technological features can be built right in to the home. There are even smart home devices that can be controlled with a smart phone. These features are far easier to find in new homes than they are in older homes. Most homeowners spend between $564 and $2,260 making their home a smart home. Many of these smart home options are already available in newly built homes.

While some people prefer the history and detail of older homes, others prefer a new home. Buyers who are looking for energy efficiency, the ability to customize, and the latest technology should consider purchasing a new home instead of a previously built one. For more information on new homes for sale, contact your local real estate agent or contractor.