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Building A Home That Is Great For Parties

by Sheila Vasquez

You may find that your old home just wasn't that great for entertaining. There was just something missing that made you want to visit a different friend's home. If that was the case, and you are building a new house with a custom home builder--like David James Custom Homes--it is best to take the entertainment factor into consideration when building.

Create A Good Flow

One of the concerns is the amount of room that you have to throw a party. If there are narrow hallways and small rooms that were only intended for three people, these rooms can become aggravating when a larger number of people are present. In order for the home not to be annoying during a party, there must be a smooth flow based on the patterns of movement that are most likely at the party. There must be a clear connection between different rooms in your home. 

Decide Whether Your House Must Be Big

You do not necessarily need a big home in order to entertain. Large homes can have horrible acoustics. Also, you may not enjoy living in a large home even if it is convenient when entertaining. The home simply needs to be large enough to comfortably fit everyone. Also, if you put a lot of effort into the exterior of your home, everyone might want to be outside anyway.

Create Zones To Congregate

The most common place people congregate is in the kitchen. However, this can become crowded depending on how busy the party is and might interfere with any cooking you need to do. Try to create other areas that may draw people to them. A pool table, an entertainment system, or a beautiful fireplace can draw people to a different room. Consider the type of people you are most likely to invite to your party and then consider what would most likely attract them.

Consider Seating Needs

Consider whether your guests will be mostly sitting or standing. There will need to be places to sit when it is time to eat, in most cases, but some guests prefer to stand and mingle. If your guests are older, though, they may prefer to sit on a comfortable couch while having a beer. 

Dim The Lights

Install lights that can be dimmed in order to set the right mood. If your lights are bright, your guests may find it more difficult to relax. Low lighting creates a more relaxing atmosphere and can make your home feel more elegant. But in the end, you must envision what you want for your party so you can make it work for you.