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What Can You Do About Ugly Siding?

by Sheila Vasquez

You are probably looking to buy a home but the siding is discouraging. Or maybe it's your own home. Over time, your siding has become an eyesore. It probably looks faded. Some pieces may be curled, flaking or falling off. Worse, grass algae and other plants could be growing on it.

A pleasant exterior will improve your home's curb appeal and will make you look forward to spending time at home and entertaining.


If your siding is not badly damaged. If just a few pieces are damaged but you are okay with the rest of your exterior, then repair is a good option. You can easily remove and replace the damaged pieces.


If your current siding is badly damaged or you simply cannot stand it, then you have two options. You can remove the siding to expose the bare wall which you can then work on.

Alternatively, you can remove the entire siding and replace it with new siding that's to your taste. For example, you could replace your current siding with vinyl, wood, aluminum or fiber cement siding.


If your siding is in fairly good condition, and you like the material, you have the option of repainting it. Consider the rest of the house as you choose your color combination. Experiment with different colors on the façade before you settle.

Also, consider your neighborhood. Whereas you may want to go for bright colors, they may look out of place in a conservative neighborhood.

First clean the siding using a power-washer and a cleaning agent, preferably one with anti-mildew properties. Ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned; otherwise, the paint will not adhere properly to the surface. Next, apply an adhesive primer followed by acrylic paint. Avoid thick paints as these may flake.

Painting may not be for all materials, though. Over time, metal siding can fade and become chalky. Some siding contractors will advise you against repainting metal siding. The key thing here is to choose the right type of paint. Using the wrong paint will cause your metal siding to bubble, flake or peel.

Instead of repainting it, you can restore it. Restoration kits are available at your local DIY store.

You do not have to live with unsightly siding any longer. Depending on the extent of the damage; and your color and material preference, you can repair, replace or repaint your siding.

You can easily replace one or two pieces yourself but for a bigger project such as repainting or replacing your siding, consult a qualified siding contractor. To learn more, contact a company like Wayne Siding & Home Improvements