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Preparing To Renovate A Small Bathroom

by Sheila Vasquez

When a bathroom is small, it can make getting dressed a challenge for a large household. The problem is even worse when the bathroom is the only one that is in the house. If you own your home, renovating the bathroom is a great investment because it will create more space and add value. Before tackling a bathroom renovation project, it is wise to create a list of everything that is needed to decrease the risk of running into problems during the process. Continue reading this article for pointers on how to properly prepare and renovate your bathroom.

Your Family Will Need a Portable Toilet

The first thing that you will need in place for your bathroom renovation project is a portable toilet. Keep in mind that it is likely your toilet will be out of use for a while, especially if the renovation takes a long time to complete. You can rent a portable toilet for as long as your family needs to use it, and it can be delivered to your home. There are numerous portable toilet options for you to choose between based on the needs of your family. For instance, there are units that comes with sinks, wooden floors, and more than one toilet so several people can use them at once.

Demolish Walls in a Professional Manner

If you expect to make your bathroom larger, it will be necessary to demolish one or more walls. There are a variety of tools that can be used to demolish the walls on your own, but it isn't a task that you should handle. The reason why is because you must be an expert to figure out what is behind the walls. You don't want to start demolishing the drywall and accidentally knock a hole into a pipe such as a water or gas line. Find a demolition contractor who can take care of the work on your behalf and within an affordable budget.

Hiring a Qualified Plumber is Important

The main thing that is needed when renovating a bathroom is a plumber. The reason why is because the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink are all associated with the plumbing system. You will need to hire a plumber so he or she can install new lines or arrange the ones that are already installed. He or she can also be put in charge of re-installing plumbing fixtures, as they will likely need to be removed during the renovation process.

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