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3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning A Custom Garage

by Sheila Vasquez

A new garage can add considerably to the value of your home. It can also add curb appeal if it is designed right by a custom garage builder. Here are three tips to make sure you get the perfect garage that works for you.

What Do You Want From The Space?

Some people simply want a garage to house their vehicles and protect them from the elements. Others want the space to do far more. Think about your lifestyle and your hobbies. For example, if you spend a lot of time hunting and fishing, having running water and a butchering/fillet station in the garage can make processing your meat and fish a lot easier.

People who enjoy tinkering on their vehicle or are restoring a classic car may want an extra bay to house cars that aren't their daily driver. If you love gardening, incorporating a greenhouse area in your custom garage is another possibility. For people who love to cook, a mini or full kitchen in the garage might be useful. If your love is boating, running through mud puddles on your off-road vehicles, or snowmobiling, you'll want plenty of room to store your toys.

What Does Your Home Lack?

Smaller, older homes were often built with only one bathroom. Adding a shower and toilet to your garage design may help the whole household manage their time getting ready in the morning better. Homes without basements, common in the south, typically need to take up valuable floor space for their washing machine and dryer. Relocating these to the garage will provide more room in the house.

If your home is small or you just need more space, you can consider adding a second story to your garage. As with most construction projects, building up rather than out doesn't add a lot of cost to the final budget. This can be a great space for the kids to hang out or to serve as a family room where everyone can get together to watch the big game. Another option is to create a self-contained apartment for adult children, extended family visits, or even to use as a rental investment property.  

What Extra Amenities Do You Want?

If you have dreams of a garage that also doubles as a man cave, you'll probably want it equipped with the internet and smart technology. In colder climates, you'll want a heat source such as a wood stove, but in warmer climates, you may need air conditioning to keep it comfortable year-round. A custom garage builder will also have plenty of features to offer that you may not have even thought of.