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Choosing The Logs For Building Your Log Home

by Sheila Vasquez

If you have dreamed of building a log home and are now ready to move forward with the process, there are several things to consider, but two important factors to consider are which log home manufacturer you will use and the type of logs you want your home built from. Choosing the log home services that will be responsible for the construction is critical. It's important to select a company that provides you with detailed information about constructing a log home as well as how to maintain the home after construction is completed. When talking with the builder, one of the most important questions you will be asked is what type of logs you prefer. To help familiarize you with the common options, here are the popular choices for building log homes

Milled Logs

Modern-day log homes are often built with the use of log home kits. The advantage to the option is that there is typically quick delivery for the order, precision joints, and an overall reduced cost. Log home kits generally included milled logs, which are trees that have been passed through a machine that makes all of the logs uniform in diameter and shape. Depending on the log home company and their local mill, the shapes may vary. For instance, a milled log may be rounded, rectangular, or square. Milled logs are typically shorter in length, so they are easier to work with and easier to stack during the building process. The most common tree species used for milled logs are cedar and pine.

Hand Hewn Logs

Hand hewn logs, also known as handcrafted logs, are just as the name implies: logs that have been handmade by craftsmen. These types of logs are usually more expensive and have a slower delivery time; however, when used to build log homes, they recreate the look and feel of traditionally built log cabins. Hand hewn logs are usually left round and stacked upon each other, so they require chinking, which is the process of filling in the spaces between the logs.

Scribed Logs

Scribed logs are also handcrafted, but they typically do not require chinking during the building. Scribing a log means a scribe tool has been used to trace the space where two logs will come into contact with each other once they are stacked and a saw is used to remove the center area. Both hand hewn and scribed logs are delivered and used at the tree's natural height. These logs may take longer for delivery, and they are generally more expensive; however, they will allow you to build an authentic looking log home. Regardless of the type of logs you choose to build your log home with, it is important that that you consider the moisture content of the logs. Overlooking the moisture content can end up costing you a lot of money in repairs and restoration over the life of log homes. If you have chosen to use hewn or handcrafted logs, be sure the manufacturer supplies logs that have been either standing dead or air dried. A good log home manufacturing service will also ensure that the logs have inner moisture content and structural integrity that is construction grade.