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4 Indications It's Time To Clean Your Septic Tank

by Sheila Vasquez

Taking care of your property will allow you to get the most enjoyment from it. This means ensuring your plumbing and other items are always working. You may not notice you have an issue with your septic tank until it needs cleaning. It's ideal to be aware of the warning signs; this may be the case for your home.

1. Noticing a bad smell

Did you walk outside and notice an extraordinary and foul odor? If so, this could be one of the only indications you'll have that you have a septic tank that needs cleaning.

You'll want to get rid of this annoying odor as quickly as you can. This may mean getting your septic tank cleaned within a short time frame.

2. Large puddles of water

It's common to notice large puddles of water in your yard if your septic tank needs to be serviced. This will occur when you don't even have any rain and may have you curious about what's causing the water.

When your septic tank isn't working correctly, it's likely you may notice this issue in your yard. Once you have this device cleaned, this issue should go away entirely.

3. Drainage problems

Does it seem to take a long time for your kitchen and bathroom sinks to drain? This could be due to a septic tank concern that will need addressing.

This generally will happen over time, and you may find that it takes longer and longer for your sinks to become clear. If you want to avoid getting a clogged drain repeatedly, it's ideal to clean your septic tank.

4. Lush green grass

Do you seem to notice grass that's much greener in one spot of your yard more so than the rest of the lawn? This grass may stand out from the rest of your lawn because it grows faster and may need to be cut more frequently. If so, this likely isn't due to anything you've done, but it may mean that your tank may need to be cleaned very shortly. It's ideal to find get your septic tank cleaned to learn if this is an issue that you notice.

Doing routine home improvement tasks may be necessary over time. You'll want to tackle these when issues do arrive in order to have optimal results and maintain the value of your home. Don't delay in working with a plumber in your area today to assist you with your plumbing concerns and septic tank cleaning services.