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Tips For Installing Your Own Drywall

by Sheila Vasquez

Looking to create some separation in your business by installing a divider wall made with drywall? If so, it will help to follow these tips when installing drywall onto wooden studs.

Determine The Right Thickness

There are a variety of different drywall thicknesses, which may cause you to wonder which one is best for you. Drywall that is 5/8-inches thick is going to be the thickest of your options, and it will provide the best soundproofing, if that is your goal. However, 1/2-inch drywall is one of the most common thicknesses of drywall, and it will work great for attaching drywall to wooden studs. 

Install Wire Protectors

It can be hard to know where all the wires are hidden behind the walls once you put up the drywall. It will be a good idea to place metal wire protection plates into the studs to protect the wires behind it. This will ensure that you never accidentally place a nail in a spot where there could be a wire that you could penetrate. 

Stagger Your Seams

A common mistake people make when hanging their own drywall is to not stagger the seams. You'll want to place the big sections of drywall horizontally along the bottom of the wall, and then stagger the piece that is above it. This will prevent having places where four corners of drywall come together, creating a seam that is harder to hide. 

Apply Adhesive To Studs

When placing each section of drywall against the studs, you'll want to apply adhesive to the studs with a caulking gun. This not only helps hold the drywall in place but also prevents nails from popping out of the drywall after the job is finished.

Trim Extra Drywall

All vertical sections of drywall need to end at a wall stud. You'll need to trim any extra drywall that hangs over a stud so that the edge ends in the appropriate place. Not doing so can cause the drywall to be weak and easily damaged if someone puts pressure on the finished wall.

Create Holes For Doors After Hanging Drywall

While you can be very careful with your measurements to create holes for doors, it is much easier to trim the drywall after it is hung on the wall. This will ensure that the cuts match the exact shape of the door, rather than be slightly too small and create problems. 

Seem like too much work? Reach out to a commercial drywall business, such as Barraza and Sons Drywall LLC, for help.