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Why You Should Have Your Workshop In An Outbuilding

by Sheila Vasquez

It is important to evaluate your preferred pastimes when you're having a custom home designed. Ideally, you'll be able to budget for a specific area in which to enjoy your hobbies, regardless of what they are. Sometimes, this space will be in your basement or another part of your home. In other cases, you may want an outbuilding next to your custom home to devote to your hobby. If you enjoy woodworking and aspire to have a proper workshop, you may want to seriously consider situating this space in an outbuilding adjacent to your custom home. Here are some reasons why.

Noise Containment

A workshop is a noisy environment because of all the power tools. Drills, saws, sanders, and other similar tools all operate at considerable decibels — typically meaning that you'll want to wear hearing protection while you use them. If your workshop is in the basement of your custom home, your family members may get fed up with this constant noise. Whether you have a toddler who is sleeping on the floor above you or a teenager who is trying to do homework, you may feel uneasy about the noise that your pastime produces. Your custom builder can work with you on plans for a workshop outbuilding that will allow you to contain the noise.

Easier Access

When you have a workshop in your custom home, you'll often need to take large pieces of wood into it. Even something as simple as a 2x4 can be challenging to get down to the basement of a home — and doing so may end up scratching or denting some of your walls in the process. Instead of situating your workshop in your custom home's basement, think about using an outbuilding instead. Your builder can design the outbuilding to match the exterior of your home, creating a unified look from the curb.

Sawdust Control

Woodworking produces a lot of sawdust, which can often travel elsewhere in the home and make a mess. For example, if you're in a basement workshop and your children visit you for a few minutes, their socks may pick up sawdust and wood shavings, which they'll then transport throughout the hose. In an outbuilding, the spread of sawdust is much less likely. For example, you can encourage everyone who visits you in the shop to shake off their clothing outside before they return to the home.

For more information, speak to your custom home builders.