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Home Building on Multiple Lots to Give You More Outdoor Space for Landscaping Design

by Sheila Vasquez

Sometimes, when you are building a new home, there may not be enough space on a single parcel of land. Therefore, you may need more than one lot to build a custom home on, and there are things to take into account if your plan on doing this. The following information will help you if you plan on building a new home on multiple lots:

1. Finding the right adjacent parcels

The lots where you build your home are the first step in getting ready for construction. When you are looking for multiple lots to build your home, you want to look for terrain that meets all your needs. Factors to consider when you are looking for multiple parcels to begin construction include:

  • Look for terrain that is well-suited for your foundation
  • Find lots with undeveloped abutted property
  • Consider where your foundation footprint will sit on the property

If you are planning on building on multiple lots, these are some of the things you will want to look for to build your home.

2. Surveying to meet requirements before building

The surveying is also important before you begin building a home. If you have bought multiple parcels of land, then you may be required to have this done. The surveying will mark the new property lines and map the footprint of the foundation that is going to be built for your home. Talk with your home builder about options for surveying the land where you plan on building your new home.

3. Installing utility services and beginning the grading

When you build a custom home on multiple lots, there may be some issues with utility services you have to deal with. Some of the problems with the utilities when building a home on multiple lots include:

  • Consolidate utilities to pay one bill for services
  • Consider multiple services for things like pools or rental apartments
  • Installing services for an undeveloped property without utilities

These issues need to be solved when building a house on multiple land parcels.

4. Complete building and getting ready to move in

The last step in preparing to build your home is beginning the construction. You want to work closely with your builder to decide where your house will sit on the property. This will help with designing the home and outdoor spaces that you want your home to have. After the construction process has been completed, you will be ready to move into your new home.

When you start looking for land to begin building a new home, these are the things you want to consider if you build on multiple lots. Contact a home builder and ask them about these solutions to get the space you need for your new home.