Maintain Your Pipes and Your Business

  • Make A Portable Water Filter

    9 March 2015

    Treat contaminated water when you are hiking in the woods by making a portable water filter. Knowing how to make one of these items can also come in handy if your water supply at your home is deemed unsafe to drink. You only need some basic materials that don't cost much to complete this project. Use The Following Items clear plastic jug  sand small pebbles powdered charcoal large brick or rock hammer long-handled spoon piece of fabric scissors knife water pot  small fire or cooking source matches water collection containers Add The Layers To The Filter

  • Stabilize Your Yard And Enhance Your Look - Options In Retaining Wall Materials

    27 February 2015

    If you've recently purchased your first home, you'll soon find that one of the biggest challenges is finishing your landscaping in a way that highlights the look that you want for your property. One of the most difficult landscaping challenges can be building a retaining wall that's strong enough to stabilize your soil but attractive enough to keep your home looking inviting. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the materials available in retaining wall construction.

  • 3 Crafts You Can Make With Your Leftover Laminate Flooring

    20 February 2015

    It is nearly impossible to purchase exactly the amount of laminate flooring you need when upgrading your home. Inevitably, you will have leftover planks that usually end up sitting in the garage for years. By taking the time to think creatively, these planks can be given a new lease on life inside your home. Here are three crafts you can make using those leftover laminate flooring pieces. 1. Coat Rack

  • Great Accessories For Your Home's Bathroom

    12 February 2015

    In terms of the bathroom, there are so many directions you can go in when customizing it. In order to enhance your bathroom, you can incorporate these things into the bathroom: Frameless Shower Doors The shower area is used a lot in the bathroom, and to give this area a unique look, you can put a frameless shower door in the bathroom. The frameless design gives your shower an open vibe, making it look bigger and more sophisticated.

  • Tips For 3 Of The Most Common Home Plumbing Problems

    9 February 2015

    Whether you have a new home or an older one, plumbing problems can strike anytime. Some minor plumbing problems are pretty easy to fix; however, others are definitely best left to a plumbing service. Here are three of the most common home plumbing problems -- along with some tips on how to fix them: 1. A Slow-Draining Bathtub or Sink This common plumbing problem is typically caused by the pop-up used to plug the drain collecting debris and hair.

  • Repairing A Broken Wood Garage Door

    4 February 2015

    If you have accidentally hit your garage door with your vehicle, leaving a cracked area or small hole, you will want to have it repaired. Repairing a wood garage door is fairly easy and something you should be able to do yourself with the aid of a few hardware items. Here are some instructions you can use to repair a wood garage door yourself. Assessing The Situation Take a look at the compromised area and see how deep the hole seems to be.

  • Follow These Tips To Feel Safe In Your Home

    29 January 2015

    You want to protect your family in any way you can. You likely know you can do this by using a security system, keeping everything locked up, etc. Below are some tips of things you may not have considered to keep out the bad guy, as well as change things inside the home to stay safe. Protect From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly, and because it has no smell, it is hard to detect if you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm system.