Maintain Your Pipes and Your Business

  • Follow These Tips To Feel Safe In Your Home

    29 January 2015

    You want to protect your family in any way you can. You likely know you can do this by using a security system, keeping everything locked up, etc. Below are some tips of things you may not have considered to keep out the bad guy, as well as change things inside the home to stay safe. Protect From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly, and because it has no smell, it is hard to detect if you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm system.

  • How To Stain And Seal Your Wooden Deck

    27 January 2015

    If you are committed to maintaining the hardscaping elements of your landscape, you'll want to properly protect your deck. By applying a stain and sealer to the surface of your wooden deck, you can enhance its appearance and give it a tough, long-lasting coating. Often you can do this all at one time, since many manufacturers combine the stain and sealer into a single product. Depending on your own preferences, you can use either a water-based stain and sealer or one that is oil-based.

  • I Need To Remove The Snow From My Roof—And How Can This Be Done?

    22 January 2015

    Although it's not a common problem, extreme quantities of snow can cause a roof to collapse. This is most common when large amounts of snow fall all at one time, as in the case of some very strong winter storms. Large amounts of snow (particularly wet snow) can be very heavy. This puts a lot of pressure on the rooftops supporting that snow. Flat roofs are more vulnerable to collapse than steep roofs.

  • Installing Your Own Insulation? Here's Why You Should Choose Spray Foam

    20 January 2015

    If you are looking to save money on your electric bills and to make sure that your home is as comfortable as possible during the changing seasons, installing insulation is a great way to do it. Installing insulation can also be a surprisingly easy do-it-yourself project, but to make the job even easier on yourself, you may want to choose spray foam insulation. These are a few reasons why spray foam insulation is the best choice if you're tackling your insulating job on your own:

  • 3 Ways To Avoid Scratching Your Car During Detailing

    14 January 2015

    Keeping your car looking clean is probably a priority for you. While you might think that investing the time and energy required to detail your vehicle is harmless, think again. Many cars sustain scratches to their exterior during the detailing process. In order to keep your car looking pristine, here are 3 things you should avoid the next time you choose to detail your car. 1. Abrasive Towels The materials you use to wash down your vehicle could actually be the cause of unsightly scratches.

  • Heating And Cooling Tips For Pet Owners

    9 January 2015

    Dogs and cats provide companionship, and for many pet owners, they are like members of the family. However, one of the downsides to pet ownership is all of the hair and dander that ends up scattered through your home. In addition to regular vacuuming, one of the secrets to dealing with pet hair and dander is to make sure you operate and maintain your heating and cooling system properly. Doing so will not only reduce the amounts of hair and dander throughout your home, but will also extend the life of your furnace, which can suffer damage if too much hair is allowed to build up inside of it.

  • How To Take Care Of Your Trees During The Winter

    6 January 2015

    Are you concerned that your trees may not last the winter? Some winters become unexpectedly harsh or seem to linger forever, and though most trees will do just fine, some trees can be more fragile. Here are a few tips if you're concerned about the trees around your home. Wrap Young Or Sensitive Trees in Blankets There are specific blankets designed to be used for young or particularly sensitive trees, such as exotic trees meant for warmer locales.